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Mining Contractor

We provide mining contractor with priority remove the overburden precisely and make sure it can be reused in the post mining process

Logistic & Delivery

We are doing the delivery goods efficiently and supported with our modern types of equipment and latest tracking technology

Heavy Equipment Rental

We always use the best and reliable equipment with professional periodic maintenance for support our client business goals

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on the job safety first

The Operational Excellence

Operate with preeminent method makes the business performs properly

The Organization Capacity

A reputable organization with broad range of business.

The Equipment Excellence

Operating with the greatest quality types of equipment to gain the highest quality results

The People Ability

The team consist of proficient people that obtain for excellency in their fields.


With the continuous growth of sustainable Quality, Safety, and Health and the Environment (QSHE) Management System, we strives to advance our performance by implementing

  • Ensure that our services are provided to customers according to the requirements given in terms of production targets, continuity, and production quality.
  • We always abide by the regulations of OSHE and other OSHE-related which can be applied as a minimum requirement and support the development of OSHE management with a higher standard than government regulations (national and local).
  • We are maintaining, monitoring, observing annual target quality, and watch over Quality, Safety, and Health and the Environment (QSHE).
  • Ensure that QSHE Policy is conducted as comprehended and implemented by employees, sub-contractors, and other parties in RKB as an effort to achieve QSHE target given.
  • Execute significant efforts of OSHE to prevent injury, occupational illnesses, property damage, and prevent any actions of environmental pollution.

Quality Management System

In line with our quality management system, we ensure that our work could enhance corporate sustainability at its best. Our operational processes are based on the standard and consistency to meet our contract requirement.

ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 14001 : 2015
ISO 45001 : 2018

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