Become a leading mining contractor, transportation company and equipment rental service in Indonesia


Assisting business partners in carrying out mining contractor activities, transportation services and heavy equipment rental so that they can grow and develop together

Conducting business activities with due regard to good corporate governance so as to provide benefits and added value for all stakeholders (stakeholders)


APPROPRIATE. This means that we are trying optimally to meet the accuracy of customer delivery of goods, including the accuracy of arriving at the vehicle at the loading and unloading warehouse, the accuracy of ship schedules, the accuracy of arriving goods according to customer needs, so that customers do not experience shortages and excess stock.

SAFE. That means, we try to maintain and guarantee that the goods arrive at their destination intact (not damaged), complete (not lost or reduced).


Everyone in the company is required to pay attention to their duties and responsibilities so that customers feel cared for, assisted and served according to their needs.

Everyone in the company must do their job responsibly, professionally and with pride.

Every person in the company is instilled in upholding the trust, mandate and duties assigned by the company properly, so that customers can feel the company’s commitment to the services provided.

Within the company, an attitude is built to always be able to cooperate with everyone in their environment. Good cooperation inside and outside the company is very decisive in the success of our services.

The company provides appreciation and space for employees to provide ideas, input, efforts to improve service and progress of the company. Everyone in the company is also encouraged to learn and develop their own abilities.

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